Keeping Your Bakery Clean

Qualities Of Excellent Bread

by Mathew James

Food lovers know that the right slice of bread can make or break a meal. If you are looking for the best bread available for your restaurant or home, you need to find a bread supplier that consistently produces high-quality loaves. Great bread has certain characteristics that make it visually appealing and taste delicious. The next time you are looking for a new source of bread, look for the following qualities. 


Unless you are one of the "cut off the crust" crowd, one of the best parts of bread is the crust. An excellent piece of bread should have a crisp crust, preferably one that combines both dark colors with light. Too dark of a crust will make the bread look burnt while a pale crust is just unappetizing to many. Superior bakers theorize that a darker, crispy crust indicates that the flavors developing on the surface are penetrating into the bread's interior, giving it more flavor. Plus, biting into some crust crispiness is what bread lovers live for. 


The inside of your bread should not be too hard and difficult to chew. It should be soft but not bland. Baking experts prefer a soft and tender interior that is slightly moist. It will look shiny and bounce back from your touch. The proper degree of softness is a personal preference, but usually, you want bread that has some chewiness. This type of bread feels more substantial and is more filling. 


Most bakers feel that bread made from a sour dough start is more flavorful, claiming that a slightly sour taste is preferred. If the bread is too sour or salty, it can overwhelm sandwich fillings. The goal is to bring out the taste of the natural grains. If the bread is properly prepared, it will go with anything while still holding its own in the taste department. Bread should never be just a container for other ingredients. If your bread is that dispensable, you should just go without. 

Making a meal without the right bread is a difficult task indeed. Whether you are using it for a sandwich or as a delicious accompaniment, bread can make or break your meal. If you own a restaurant, finding the best bread supplier can keep people coming back into your establishment. Using the right bread at home means the entire family is happier with the meals you prepare. Keep the best bread qualities in mind the next time you are searching for a new bread source. 

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