Keeping Your Bakery Clean

Kaiser Buns Are A Must For These Sandwiches

by Mathew James

If you're planning to serve sandwiches to your guests at an upcoming gathering at your home, the baked product on which you serve each sandwich is something that you should think about. While conventional bread can be sufficient for certain types of sandwiches, buns are often a better choice. When it comes to evaluating different buns to buy, kaiser buns should be a product that you consider. This product, which is known for its crusty texture and crown-like pattern on the top, is a good match for several types of sandwiches — including the following.

Pulled Pork

For those who enjoy smoked fare, pulled pork is often a popular menu choice. It requires a significant amount of cooking time, during which time your guests' mouths will be watering. Once you mix the pulled pork with barbecue sauce, it becomes a little on the heavy and messy side — which means that you need a robust bun that will hold the meat without coming apart. A kaiser bun is a good choice for this type of sandwich because it's crusty enough that the sauce from the meat won't soak through and make the sandwich challenging to eat.

French Dip

Another messy sandwich, but one that is delicious and fun to serve to your guests, is a French dip. This is a sandwich that is made up of thin slices of beef that people dip into beef au jus. A bun that doesn't have a crusty exterior won't work well in this application. As soon as the bun makes contact with the au jus, it will quickly begin to break down — likely falling apart before the person can finish the sandwich. The crusty exterior of a kaiser bun, however, resists the liquid well, thus allowing the person to eat the sandwich without making a significant mess.

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan is another type of sandwich for which you need a robust bun. When you build this type of Italian sandwich, you typically place a considerable amount of tomato sauce on the bun. As soon as you apply the sauce, it begins to soak into the bun. Fortunately, the crusty exterior of your kaiser bun will prevent the sauce from soaking through to the point that it makes your hands messy or causes the sandwich to fall apart entirely.

Visit a local bakery to buy fresh kaiser buns if you're planning to serve a meal that involves one of these sandwiches.